Naming and Branding

Coffee Bean Yin YangDavid Stitzhal is particularly proud of his work helping to name and brand organizations and programs. His contributions have helped organize, put boundaries around, and give life and energy to coalescing groups and projects. David was wholly or largely responsible for the following names, all utilized in an on-going basis by clients, many to this day.

  • Northwest Product Stewardship Council. The Product Stewardship Council name has since been replicated across the U.S.
  • Federal Electronics Challenge. This ten year federal program has only recently been subsumed under the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • PH:ARM  (Pharmaceuticals from Households: A Return Mechanism)
  • EPEAT (Environmentally Preferable Environmental Assessment Tool). David was part of the small consultant-client team in a windowless room in Chicago that crafted this name, now used globally.
  • UPSTREAM. David serves on the board of directors of this organization, formerly known as the Product Policy Institute. David is responsible for developing the current name.
  • Recycling Is Sweet.  David created this tagline now imprinted within the recycling chasing arrows on thousands of three-inch chocolate medallions each year.  The give-aways are used extensively in commercial recycling outreach for the City of Bellevue and other programs. Stitzhal expanded this brand by developing a Recycling Is Bright chocolate medallion centered around a compact fluorescent twirly bulb. And intern Rosemary Cole developed the tagline for the oil filter recycling chocolate medallion – Recycling is Slick
  • Wake Up With Energy. This workshop series engages and informs, as well as feeds and caffeinates, property managers and other program participants in the Urban Smart Bellevue Campaign sponsored by Puget Sound energy, with a goal of reducing 16 million kilowatt hours in the downtown Bellevue, WA business core.

Eden Mack, Full Circle Senior Project Manager, named and framed the Refresh Recycling programs currently proving so successful in Redmond and Bellevue.  These outreach and technical assistance programs encourage businesses to improve upon and expand their recycling, buy-recycled, waste prevention and resource conservation practices.

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