Environmentally Preferable Procurement

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Full Circle staff are recognized for our pioneering work in green procurement, particularly at the federal level.  In some projects—as with our National Parks work, or market development for recycled-content paper and  re-refined motor oil—purchasing is front and center. In other projects—whether with green schools or green business assistance—we work closely with clients and program targets to incorporate green purchasing principles and messaging.

Purchasing is integral to all aspects of an organization’s operations. Procurement staff serve as gatekeepers for the materials that flow into and out of an organization, and therefore have tremendous influence over product and service choices.  This selection of goods and services is unavoidably intertwined with  raw material extraction, manufacturing, use and disposal of products.   Procurement staff, and the policies and guidelines under which they operate, therefore have the potential to minimize environmental impacts associated with the life-cycle of the products and services they specify.

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