Waste Characterization

Pie Chart - Waste CharacterizationMine Your Own Business™. We convey this simple core message to the hundreds of businesses we have helped to prevent waste, reduce disposal costs, and expand recycling. We know you can’t mine for value without a sense of the resources you are looking for. What’s in them thar hills?

Full Circle’s David Stitzhal led the design-and-implement team for one of the nation’s first comprehensive waste-stream sorts in 1989 (for Chemung County, NY). Since then we have been sorting trash and harvesting it for information critical to helping a business know what steps to take to minimize their waste stream footprint.

Whether your business is located in a high-rise office building, an elementary school, a strip mall, a college campus or an apartment complex, we can coordinate with your facilities staff, custodial staff, property managers and owners, employees, and garbage & recycling service providers to develop and implement a waste stream characterization to meet your needs and fit your budget.

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