Used Oil and HHW Collection, Outreach & Education

This broadly recognized program—documented in a peer reviewed journal and a nationally-distributed trade magazine—has achieved a recycling rate above 90% for used motor oil from Do-It-Yourself oil changers. Over the course of the program we have successfully expanded the market for re-refined motor oil, and we built a strong public-private partnership with Bellevue’s automotive service sector.  Full Circle is proud that this project received the 2012 North American Hazardous Materials Managers Association (NAHMMA, NW Chapter) Award for Best Education & Public Outreach Program.

Additional program activities include residential surveys – every-other-year since 2004, in partnership with Elway Research – regarding household hazardous waste behaviors and awareness.  Full Circle also forged a partnership among the City, Habitat for Humanity, Call2Recycle and several retail partners to support rechargeable battery recycling. More recent activities include outreach to the retail paint sector (with three in-store visits per year to assist with customer relations), and secret shopper assessments of Bellevue retail partners in the State’s mercury-containing light product stewardship program.