Post-Consumer Ceramics & Non-Container Glass Market Development

Full Circle researched market expansion opportunities for recycling post-consumer ceramics and non-container glass, both of which present disposal problems for area thrift stores and other generators, including Seattle City Light. Full Circle’s Stitzhal identified and interviewed key stakeholders, including generators, transporters and processors. On the generator side, Stitzhal organized and facilitated two Thrift Forums, resulting in needs-identification and development of guidance documents.

On the processor side, Full Circle engaged LaFarge Cement, Black River Quarry and TriVitro Glass. Among successful project outcomes, City Light began shipping previously disposed ceramic insulators to Black River Quarry for processing into roadbed aggregate. Regarding post-consumer ceramics from thrift stores, Full Circle worked with LaFarge Cement to undertake chemical analysis to assess the feasibility of accepting the material in their processing stream. Ultimately the material was cleared for acceptance, but only if crushed prior to arrival. Logistical barriers prevented thrifts from being able to provide such processing, resulting in this potentially usable stream continuing to be disposed. (Work was undertaken as a subcontractor to Cascadia Consulting on behalf of the City of Seattle’s Resource Venture Program.)