Paint Retailer Outreach & Water Protection

Non-point source pollution, by definition, comes from a variety of sources and widespread locations. This poses a challenge for programs intended to offer tools and change behaviors that curtail waste generation: how do you identify a focused leverage point able to drive necessary, but hard-to-measure, change?

One such waste stream is residual paint, the impacts of which derive from cleaning tools and equipment, or by having unused, unwanted paint in need of disposal or recovery. Primary sources of paint and paint residue are homeowners, small contractors, and large contractors.

A key channel for reaching the far-flung population of people engaged in paint disposal activities are the retail channels through which individuals purchase paint and painting supplies.

Kirkland’s Paint Retailer Outreach & Water Protection Program aims to learn more about Kirkland’s retail paint sector, and to identify and test outreach messages and techniques aimed at minimizing improper disposal. Underlying all these efforts is the City’s goal of protecting water quality.