Packaging Policy & Stakeholder Engagement

Public and private stakeholders, including businesses throughout the life-cycle chain, agree that packaging presents some of the greatest challenges and opportunities for increased recycling and more effective policy.

Full Circle has remained productively engaged in the midst of this complicated dialogue through such diverse activities as:

  • supporting packaging product stewardship legislation by crafting strategic communications documents in direct support of 2019 Washington Legislation
  • supporting King County and Seattle’s efforts (including stakeholder facilitation and research) regarding the Responsible Recycling Task Force and the Optimizing Recycling Working Group
  • staffing the Northwest Product Stewardship Council’s Packaging Subcommittee
  • providing packaging waste reduction technical assistance to Snohomish County businesses
  • participating at Nike Headquarters in the invitation-only, two-day Nike & Cambridge University Closed-Loop Collaboratory.

(See also our work on Packaging Waste Prevention Technical Assistance and on Packaging Life Cycle Assessment.)