Optimized WA State EPR Recycling Model

In the wake of collapsing Chinese markets for recyclables, King County Solid Waste Division, with key support from Seattle Public Utilities, convened the Responsible Recycling Task Force (RRTF), a collaboration with other King County cities, local garbage and recycling service providers, and industry stakeholders. The RRTF subsequently presented a report entitled, Recommendations to Achieve a Responsible Recycling System. This report identifies six primary recommendations to further a Responsible Recycling system that takes responsibility for generated materials throughout their lifecycle. The most important recommended action (1A) is to establish a stewardship policy approach to achieve a sustainably funded, robust, and harmonized curbside recycling system throughout Washington State.

To fulfill Action Item 1A from the RRTF report and lay the groundwork for statewide packaging policy, King County SWD and SPU now wish to assess extended producer responsibility (EPR) system models for packaging and printed paper / paper products1 (PPP) that would be compatible with Washington State’s unique garbage and recycling system.  Full Circle (with Prime Cascadia Consulting) provides research services, direct stakeholder engagement, and strategic policy development.