Mercury-Containing Lights Product Stewardship Plan Implementation

As twisted and winding as the coils of a compact fluorescent bulb is the path that has brought us to the current state of Washington’s policies and programs for mercury-containing lights. Here is a sample of Full Circle’s activities to address the serious concerns posed by these lights and other mercury-containing products:

  • Work in partnership with EcoLights Northwest—under contract to the Department of Ecology—to serve as the state’s Mercury-Containing Lights Plan Implementation team.
  • Since 2004, develop and field a bi-annual survey—in concert with the ever-amazing Elway Research—to reach a statistically-significant population in the City of Bellevue. The survey is designed to gather information on, among other subjects, public knowledge of mercury-containing products and associated take-back programs.
  • Provide occasional staff support to the Mercury Subcommittee of the Northwest Product Stewardship Council.