Foodwaste & Packaging Ordinance (Restaurant Outreach)

The City of Issaquah took a leadership position in passing an ordinance that bans expanded polystyrene foam packaging, requires food service businesses to use either compostable or recyclable service ware, and requires food service businesses to provide recycling and compost both in the back-of-house and for patrons.

Full Circle was hired to undertake a thorough canvass of all non-complying businesses to identify issues, provide technical assistance (in English and Spanish) and help each restaurant work toward compliance. By working with staff, business owners, property managers, service providers, City staff and City Council, we were able to expand compliance, and dramatically increase diversion.

During the City’s famed Salmon Days, Full Circle staff (while employed by a local food waste collection service provider) provided outreach to all vendors prior to the event to ensure the city ordinance for food packaging was met, set up proper event stations and signage, and conducted waste audits to determine contamination rates.