Federal Electronics Challenge

The Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC) is a partnership program that encourages federal facilities and agencies to: purchase greener electronic products, reduce impacts of electronic products during use, and manage obsolete electronics in an environmentally safe way.

Full Circle coined the program name, in partnership with Region 10 EPA Staff and the Chief of Staff for the White House Office of the Federal Environmental Executive’s Task Force on Recycling.

Full Circle’s Stitzhal and Goidel led the project team that originated the program, designed its metrics and recruitment approach, and oversaw its national roll-out. This leadership position spanned five years until the agency took over program implementation.

Currently with over 127 facility partners, FEC successes include:

  • 76% of monitors and 74% of computers had ENERGY STAR® power management features enabled
  • 63% of reporting partners have a computer lifespan of at least 4-years, with a weighted average life span of 57 months