Electric Drive Vehicle End-of-Life Battery Market Research

This market assessment sought to understand if the processing infrastructure for batteries from Electric Drive Vehicles (EDV) in North America will be sufficient for the supply, given an increased market share in recent years for electric vehicles. The study examined best practices for EDV battery processing, as well as policy frameworks for responsible management of end-of-life (EOL) EDV batteries. The study identified all recyclers processing batteries from hybrid, plug-in and all-electric vehicles, created an inventory of processing capacity, and projected generation rates of EOL batteries.

Full Circle engaged key market participants, including auto manufacturers, auto dealers, auto recyclers & dismantlers, auto shredders, battery processors, Dept. of Energy staff and others to assess market structures and to map materials flows. Full Circle’s Stitzhal worked with team members including Prime Contractors Kelleher Environmental and Gracestone Inc., to report findings and recommendations to the CEC/ NAFTA.