Redmond Commercial Recycling Technical Assistance

Full Circle staff is proud to have worked with the City of Redmond since 1990, even before Full Circle existed. Through close coordination with city staff, the Full Circle team directly assisted hundreds of businesses to improve their recycling and waste management practices.

Whether working with Redmond Town Center when still in design stages—or targeting strip malls,  stand-alone Mom-and-Pops, hotels, warehouses or the emerging space sector—Full Circle has demonstrated great success in achieving measurable waste diversion and increased recycling.

In working with targeted businesses, we build quick rapport, demonstrate a credible depth of knowledge, and offer creative yet practical solutions. We relentlessly follow-up and portray the city in a positive, helpful light (often by providing chocolate). We retain program elements that work and are quick to develop new techniques and approaches to constantly improve our success rate.

Recently we created the Refresh Recycling program—using community-based social marketing principles—to expand business recycling activity. This program, rolled out in Bellevue and Redmond, has already demonstrated success. About one half of all businesses asked to take the pledge have jumped on board. In the program’s first months, over 40 businesses took the pledge, and our efforts increased recycling by approximately 2,200 cubic yards/year in Bellevue and 1,400 cubic yards/ year in Redmond.

Most recently the City engaged Full Circle to research best management practices and best-in-class municipal programs for construction and demolition debris management, and to develop a draft ordinance to help divert additional C&D materials from the Redmond waste stream.