Backhaul Alaska

Alaska’s rural communities are distinct from the entirety of the U.S. Their landfills are unlined, typically uncovered, and waste burning without emissions treatment is commonplace. Hazardous wastes cannot be safely discarded, and logistics for proper disposal is a challenge, as the vast majority of communities are not connected to the road system. With a long-standing federal disposal subsidy about to sunset, various stakeholders are exploring alternative options to organize and fund disposal, recycling, and backhauling activities.

Full Circle’s expertise in extended producer responsibility has been called upon to analyze existing conditions for such products as electronics, batteries, and mercury-containing lighting. With subcontractors Sound Resource Management Group and Garth Hickle, our team is providing research, expertise, and policy guidance, as well as working with a diverse array of public and private stakeholders in Alaska. (Sub to Booz Allen Hamilton)