Auto Shred Residue: Stakeholder Engagement and Market Development

In this multi-year project, Full Circle’s Eden Mack and David Stitzhal have supported efforts by the WA State Department of Ecology and Region 10 EPA to address issues surrounding the astoundingly large waste stream of automobile shredder residue.  Full Circle has worked closely with auto dismantlers/ recyclers, the State’s four automotive shredders, state and local regulators, steel mills, auto manufacturers, auto parts makers, hulk haulers and other stakeholders to gather information, build relationships, explore consensus, develop policy and expand markets.  We have undertaken one-on-one executive interviews, convened multi-party dialogues, suffered slings and arrows (gladly), researched auto components associated with toxic constituents and explored market development opportunities.  We are so pleased to have undertaken this work in close partnership with fellow consulting firms TetraTech and Toeroek.