HHW & Used Oil Programs and Policies

Oil DrumsThe term Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) was coined by our own North-westerner, Dave Galvin. Sometimes simply naming something can help us get a handle on it. But while a rose by another name would smell sweet, waste—by any other name—would be as toxic.

The nickel-cadmium battery in your cordless drill, the mercury volatilizing into your lungs from the broken compact fluorescent bulb on your kitchen floor, and the carcinogens on your hands after your driveway oil change all remind us that the products in our daily lives can be less benign than we might hope.

Alternatives exist. Yet getting word out and securing behavior change can be more challenging than finding a safer product.

We look forward to working with you in engaging your public, your employees, your elected officials and your product’s producer.

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Tribal Training: Waste Management Workshops

There are 573 federally recognized tribes in the United States, with 73% located within EPA Region 9 and 10. In Alaska alone, there are 229

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Paint Retailer Outreach & Water Protection

Non-point source pollution, by definition, comes from a variety of sources and widespread locations. This poses a challenge for programs intended to offer tools and

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EnviroStars Recruitment and Support

EnviroStars is a free program that offers rebates, resources, and incentives to businesses who take action to protect the environment and employee health and safety.

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Backhaul Alaska

Alaska’s rural communities are distinct from the entirety of the U.S. Their landfills are unlined, typically uncovered, and waste burning without emissions treatment is commonplace.

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Paint Source Reduction Modeling

Most Americans will at some point face the question of what to do with leftover paint. In 2007, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated

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Paint Stewardship Program – Public Awareness Study

The first U.S. paint stewardship law was passed in Oregon in 2009, and the industry-managed stewardship organization PaintCare launched a statewide collection program in 2010.

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Retail Pharmacy Recruitment for Medicine Return Program

Call2Recycle, long known for their flagship program to capture end-of-life rechargeable batteries, is expanding to establish collection networks for pharmaceuticals. To meet local ordinance

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Home Carwash Modeling, Research and Outreach

Full Circle — in concert with Triangle Associates — assisted the City with issues regarding effluent from vehicle washing reaching storm drains. This work

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Used Oil and HHW Collection, Outreach & Education

This broadly recognized program—documented in a peer reviewed journal and a nationally-distributed trade magazine—has achieved a recycling rate above 90% for used motor oil from

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Don’t Drip and Drive

Full Circle provided implementation support for the City of Bellevue and the City of Redmond’s participation in the regional Don’t Drip & Drive—Fix That Leak

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