Energy Conservation

Sun Energy ConservationEnvironmental protection goals and the omnipresent desire to save a buck rarely align as completely as they do in the practice of energy conservation. Reducing energy demand will in nearly every instance provide a return on investment in comparatively short order, whether achieved through conservation or technology substitution. Social equity and public health dividends are also often achieved in the form of cleaner air (when shifting away from fossil fuels) thus completing the triple bottom line.

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Strategic Energy Management Program – Commercial/Institutional

The Tacoma Power Customer Energy Program (within Tacoma Public Utilities) contracted with prime Stillwater Energy and subcontactors Full Circle Environmental and Energy 350 to establish

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EnviroStars Recruitment and Support

EnviroStars is a free program that offers rebates, resources, and incentives to businesses who take action to protect the environment and employee health and safety.

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Energy Conservation – Business Assistance

Focused on the urban core, the Urban Smart – Bellevue program creates a downtown district in which smart people create a movement toward smarter buildings

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Energy Conservation Assistance – Scoping

Through this pilot project, the City’s Resource Conservation Manager was interested in helping the Bellevue business community identify and implement energy conservation measures. Full

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