Kitsap County

Full Circle has supported various conservation programs on behalf of Kitsap County. Full Circle worked closely with re-refined oil producers and regional distributors to assure local product availability and to gain marketing support. Full Circle staff then supported oil-change service providers and high-profile fleets to offer and use re-refined oil. We successfully expanded retail availability of re-refined oil and expanded public and private fleet use of this important recycled-content product.

Kitsap County more recently collaborated with several regional governments and the Washington State Recycling Association to design and implement a Multi-Family Property Manager Recycling Practices Survey. The county, as part of the Washington State Multi-Family Study Group, hired Elway Research and Full Circle Environmental to develop, implement, and interpretĀ a statewide survey instrument. The survey documented property manager’s concerns and suggestions, and helped improve recycling practices at multi-family properties across the state.

Kitsap County, as a steering committee member of the Northwest Product Stewardship Council, contractually supported Full Circle’s David Stitzhal as coordinator of this regional council of governments. (See Northwest Product Stewardship Council under Clients or Projects for more information.)

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