City of Kirkland

Full Circle is pleased to have been engaged by the City of Kirkland on multiple projects.

With partner Triangle Associates, Full Circle Environmental provides outreach to community groups that offer car washes, as well as to the owners of host sites such as gas stations and retail locations. With an ultimate goal of protecting water quality, the program focuses on shifting the norm away from using outdoor car washes as charity fundraisers. In the meantime, we make sure sites are complying with water discharge regulations, and are properly using pump kits that keep sudsy or  keep contaminated wash water out of storm drains and other sensitive locations. Project staff also proactively reaches out to community groups to encourage the use of alternative fundraising approaches.

More recently we have begun planning for targeted outreach to the paint retail sector. The program aims to minimize illicit paint discharges and improve residential and contractor behavior around paint job clean-up. By working with paint retailers and other stakeholders, the City and Full Circle intend to identify behaviors, and craft messages and tools, that support safeguarding of Kirkland’s waterways.

Full Circle also worked closely with City staff to provide direct outreach to the diverse multi-family community of Kirkland. We coordinated with property managers, residents, and solid waste service providers to creatively and measurably boost the recycling rate of this challenging, and often overlooked residential sector.

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