Articles/ Publications

Selected articles and publications:

Stitzhal, David & Goodhart, Jennifer; “Working Over Time?” Resource Recycling (two-part article); October and November issues, 2018. Working Over Time – Part 1.     Working Over Time – Part 2.

Stitzhal, David;“Does it Matter How We Pay for Recycling?” Upstream Blog, Upstream Policy Institute; 21 August 2013;  ( Policy Institute Blog

Stitzhal, David; “Product Stewardship: Can it Drive Green Design?” Environmental Quality Management; Volume 20, No.3; Spring 2011.Product Stewardship – Can it Drive Green Design? EQM Spr 11

Stitzhal, David, Klag, Scott & Smith, Bill; “Stewardship Solutions: by reaching out to the private sector, local governments can make a big difference in e-waste recycling efforts,” Public Works, Ideas and Opinions section; November 2006.Stewardship Solutions

Stitzhal, David, “Staying out of Hot Oil: A Used Oil Recycling Program Demonstrates Measurable Behavior Change in Response to a Concerted Education & Marketing Program,” Resource Recycling; April 2005.Staying Out of Hot Oil

Hickle, G. Esq. & Stitzhal, D. MRP, “Apportioning the Roles and Responsibilities for Product Stewardship: A Case for a New Federal Role,” Environmental Quality Management; Volume 12, Number 3; p. 1-16; Spring 2003. Apportioning the Responsibilities

Stitzhal, D. MRP, “Estimating Used Motor Oil Volumes Generated by Do-It-Yourself Oil Changers in Bellevue Washington,” Environmental Practice 3(2): June, 2001; Oxford University Press. Estimating Used Oil Volumes

Stitzhal, D. MRP, “The Northwest Product Stewardship Council: A Lever Long Enough?,” Pollution Prevention Review, Volume 10, No. 4, Autumn 2000.NWPSC Lever Article

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Stitzel, D., “The Case for Waste Prevention: A How-To Guidebook by and for Legal Professionals,” Project Consultant and primary author; 28-page guidebook published by the Law Firm Waste Reduction Network, 1996. The Case for Waste Prevention (excerpt)

Stitzel, D., MRP, “Calling All Cars: A Comprehensive Approach to Used Oil Recycling;” Resource Recycling;  March, 1995.Calling All Cars

Stitzel, D., MRP, “Redefining Rerefining;” Resource Recycling;  September, 1993.Redefining Re-refining

Forester, J. PhD. and Stitzel, D., “Beyond Neutrality: The Possibilities of Activist Mediation in Public Sector Conflicts”; Negotiation Journal; September, 1989.Beyond Neutrality Excerpt

Forester, J. PhD. and Stitzel, D., “Westville: Mediation Strategies in Community Planning;” The Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School; Harvard University: Cambridge, 1988. (Available upon request.)